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How to structure a song

How To Structure A Song (Part 2)

Song Modifiers We spoke about basic song structure last week. Now, you’re able to identify the sections the verse, chorus, and bridge. If you haven’t read How To Structure A Song (Part 1), you may be confused by a few of the terms I’m going to use. So, give part 1 a read first. As…

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Blog 3

So You’re Looking to Become a Record Producer (Part 3)

The Steps to becoming a record producer Most of you have probably already read part 2 on what Record Producers really do. If you haven’t, go check it out and share it with your Mom. (That wasn’t a dig at your Mother, I’m sure she’s a really nice lady. Read the article, you’ll get it). So…

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How To Structure A Song (Part 1)

Properly Identifying Song Sections Maintaining proper song structure while creating original and innovative music is much more impressive than ignoring structure all together. There will always be a place for progressive music, and there will always be some artists making incredible progressive songs. But generally, if you structure your songs like this: riff one, heavy…

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So You’re Looking to Become a Record Producer (Part 2)

What a Producer Actually Does: If you read part one, you now know why being a music producer is the best job there is. But what does a producer actually do? We’ve all seen the meme online: “What my friends think I do, what my Mom thinks I do, what I actually do.” Well Mom,…

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How To Tell If Your Band Is Ready To Record A Full-Length

I’m taking a week off from the “How To Skip Audio Engineering School” series to answer a question I get a lot. As a producer or an artists, I can say with 100% certainty that you’ll eventually come across this question. Should I do a full-length record or an EP? You’re getting geared up for…

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Blog 1

So You’re Looking to Become a Record Producer (Part 1)

If you’re anything like me, you love music. Chipotle is great, video games are awesome, but music creates this completely different feeling altogether. It’s euphoric. If I could bathe in that feeling I would. And somehow, being a musician, that sentence feels right. That’s what music does. It gives us this overwhelming sense of peace which…

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Click Track Setup

Here we’ll learn quick track setup, how to change tempos, and a few advanced options. The session file used in this video is available for free on our site. The click track is the unheard backbone of the song. Knowing how to effect the click track, tempo and meters are crucial to creating quality recordings.…

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How to Skip Audio Engineering School (Part 2)

How To Skip Audio Engineering School If you read part 1, you already know why you should skip audio school. You also know that I skipped audio school and you probably remember this amazing fact: 5 out of the last 5 producers that won the Producer of the Year Grammy don’t have an audio degree!…

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Grab, Trim, and Group

Grab, Trim, and Grouping

Here we’ll take a look at the grab and trim tools. We’ll be grouping instruments and editing those groups to help speed up our workflow. The session file used in this video is available for free at Workflow is key in audio. The better you are with shortcuts, the more efficient you become. We’ll learn how to…

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How to Skip Audio Engineering School (Part 1)

Why You Should Skip Audio Engineering School  You are about to learn how to skip audio engineering school and jumpstart your recording career. I know how to do this from experience. I skipped audio engineering school. I’ve been working professionally as a music producer for 11 years. I own several recording studios. I’ve been hired…

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