Click Track Setup

Here we’ll learn quick track setup, how to change tempos, and a few advanced options. The session file used in this video is available for free on our site.

The click track is the unheard backbone of the song. Knowing how to effect the click track, tempo and meters are crucial to creating quality recordings.

In this video you’ll learn: Click track, Changing Tempo, Changing Meter, Transport Window

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  • 0:26 Create a click track
  • 1:06 Changing the click sound (accents)
  • 2:31 Changing the tempo
  • 3:09 Changing the meter
  • 4:10 Bars|beats/min|secs Tempo/meter/markers
  • 4:55 Transport window and conductor
  • 5:17 Adding a count off
  • 6:09 Adding a tempo change
  • 6:24 Tempo tap (figuring out the tempo)
  • 7:10 Changing the meter at a specific bar
  • 7:44 Slowing down the tempo (ritardando)

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