Grab, Trim, and Grouping

Here we’ll take a look at the grab and trim tools. We’ll be grouping instruments and editing those groups to help speed up our workflow. The session file used in this video is available for free at

Workflow is key in audio. The better you are with shortcuts, the more efficient you become. We’ll learn how to use the trim tool for trimming regions and the grabber tool for grabbing and placing regions. We’ll even use our shortcuts on multiple group tracks.

In this video you’ll learn: Grab Tool, Trim Tool, and working with groups.

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Training Information


  • 0:54 Creating a marker
  • 1:25 Moving pick slide where it belongs
  • 2:52 Grabbing in grid mode
  • 3:33 Relative grid
  • 5:07 Create a group
  • 5:54 Deleting parts of the audio track
  • 6:47 Trimming to fix the deleted tracks
  • 7:30 Cutting a clip so it starts on the grid
  • 7:56 Fixing the clip using the trim tool



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