How To Produce (Conclusion)

The “How To Produce” series has been a very satisfying compilation to write so far and I’m actually kind of bummed to see it come to a close. I’ve given a lot of advice and I hope you’re able to gain some knowledge from my writing. Producing is my life, my passion, and I hope it sparks the same in you. I’m going to keep this last part short and sweet… but if you want to read more in depth feel free to go back and check out the entire series!

The Importance of Connecting with an Artist

Making a connection with our clients is quite possibly the most important aspect of our job. We need to find the balance between our musical knowledge and our communication skills. Working with others is how we grow not only as producers, but as humans. We need to use our talents to create, inspire, and thrive.

The Importance of Drums

As the backbone of the music, you have to see the drums as the most important part of the song. Though they act as one instrument, you have to view them as several. The snare, kick, and cymbals have their own place in the mix and their own distinct sound. When listening to drums, there is a lot that comes into play, so you’ll want to be sure that everything works in perspective with the song as a whole.

The Importance of Guitar

The guitar acts as the meat of the song, and there are a lot of caveats when it comes to working with them. Whether working with heavy distortion, or completely clean tones, the guitars need to work organically with the rest of the music. Be mindful of the listener and make sure the guitars follow the drums. The tighter they are with one another, the better the song will flow.

The Importance of Bass

The bass is the fat of the song. The best advice when it comes to bass is to keep things simple. Be creative when the music allows it, but don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Follow the roots, use fills tastefully, and avoid overpowering the entire song.

The Importance of Vocals

As the flavor of the music, the vocals need special attention. They need to sit right in the mix, and they really need to convey that raw emotion. Dynamics are key. Lyrics are crucial. And remember to motif.

The Importance of Effects

Mixing plays a significant role in the final product. A keen ear can create emotions using reverb, delay, and a plethora of different interesting effects. Effects shouldn’t be forced and should stay true to the overall feeling of the music. Mixing can make or break a song and it takes years to master. So make sure to hone your skills and constantly practice your craft.

I want to thank you for reading this series. I genuinely hope it helps you out in your production career. Please use this advice and our entire site to your advantage… after all we created it to help! If you like our work, please leave a comment and let us know what you think. Here’s wishing you the best, peace and rock on!


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