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How to Land a Band (Band Responses)

We’ve gone over a lot in this How to Land a Band series, so if you’re viewing this for the first time, you’ll definitely want to check out Parts 1, 2, and 3.  This article will be covering how to respond to bands after the initial message has been sent. There are several different types…

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Contacting Bands From Your Studio at Home

How to Land a Band From Your Studio at Home (Part 3) By now you should be feeling pretty confident with your ability to find the right band for your professional studio, or studio at home. If you still have some questions, you may want to go back and refresh yourself on Part 1 and…

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How to Land a Band (Part 2)

Hello my friends, and welcome back to part two of the How to Land a Band series! If you haven’t checked out Part 1, I suggest you check it out now. So far we’ve learned that our most advantageous technique for scouting bands is our good old friend the internet. I’m going to give you…

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How To Land a Band (Part 1)

Believe it or not, attracting clients is a huge part of our job description. I can almost guarantee that most up and coming producers aren’t even aware of the countless hours that go into finding a project – and it isn’t their fault. It’s just something that isn’t talked about. Far too many young producers…

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6 traits to keep in your production arsenal.

“Producer” is such a tricky term. It creates an almost mythical feel for the person being described. When we dub ourselves a producer, we wear it like the badge of honor it is. It’s an all encompassing word – we are creators, directors, teachers. The best part is, it doesn’t take a Herculean character to possess…

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8 Tracking Techniques Used by the Pros

When working on a record, there’s a ton to think about. So for now, let’s simplify. Take your attention off of gear and mixing, and focus your thoughts solely on tracking. I’d like to share with you 8 of my favorite techniques to use during sessions. (Note: I layer my tracks, so apply these techniques…

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The Intangibles of Recording an Album

In life nothing is ever black and white. Even the keys on a piano can break this color scheme. If you’re in the key of C major, the rule is to stick to the white keys. But every once in a while, a black key will sneak it’s way in. In theory the note is…

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The 12 Pains of Mix-mas

The 12 Pains of Mix-mas. On the first day of mixing, it may just make you scream. Where do you start? What is the right way to do this? Why does everything sound so horrible? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every mixer goes through different phases during the process. It sounds amazing – it sounds…

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The Most Important Part of a Record

I’ve heard the debate time and time again, what is the most important part of a record? Ask the singers, and they’ll tell you the vocals. The bass players will insist that their fatty groove is what makes the CD so special. The mixer will obviously tell you the mix, and he’ll fight with the…

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5 Reasons Music Producers Should Sleep Around

I chose the term music producers carefully. Not only should record producers sleep around; I think artists should sleep around as well. Anyone involved in producing musical content needs to experience different music. If you’re a metal producer, spend some time with alternative rock or pop. Don’t tell me that working with pop artists will…

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