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How to Skip Audio Engineering School (Part 1)

Why You Should Skip Audio Engineering School  You are about to learn how to skip audio engineering school and jumpstart your recording career. I know how to do this from experience. I skipped audio engineering school. I’ve been working professionally as a music producer for 11 years. I own several recording studios. I’ve been hired…

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Volumes Fades and Automation

Create An Intro In Pro Tools Using Volumes, Fades, And Automation

Now, we’ll learn how to make a song intro using what we already learned, plus volumes, fades, and automation. The session file used in this video is available for free at https://www.MyRecordingInternship.com. Effective record producers apply their knowledge in creative ways. So, we’re about to get creative with our panning choices and fades. In this…

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Shortcuts And Grid Mode

Pro Tools Grid Mode Explained Using Important Shortcuts

During this video we’re going to create a drumbeat using guitar tracks. The session file used in this video is available for free at MyRecordingInternship.com. In order to be an efficient audio engineer, you need to know your shortcuts. Knowing how to use grid mode along with these shortcuts will speed up your workflow. In…

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Starting A Session

How To Start A Recording Session In Pro Tools

After installing Pro Tools, the next step is to open a session. You’ll see a few options and wonder which settings are right for you. I suggest a sample rate of either 44.1 or 48. I’d also suggest setting the bit depth to 24. Choose a file type of BWF (.WAV) and get started. In…

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Working With VCA Faders In Pro Tools – Part 2: Automation and Composite Coalesce (Video)

VCA faders give us the ability to create faders in order to control groups. This, by itself, will speed up your workflow. Now, we’re going to focus on using the automation options available on your VCA fader. VCA faders can be automated in the traditional way. This means that the entire group gets controlled by…

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Drum VCA

Working With VCA Faders In Pro Tools (Video)

VCA faders are a great way to speed up your workflow. They control entire groups from one fader while still allowing you to control individual tracks in the group by adjusting their respective faders. In this video, I go over how to create and use VCA faders. The second video in this video series will be about…

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The Texture Trick: Lifting Light Parts Of The Mix (Video)

Texture tracks are repetitive sounds that can be effected to fill space. They’re there if you need them, and easily removed from the mix if you don’t. Processing these texture tracks can take them from sounding ordinary to sounding exceptional. Modulation can change the sound and bring extra movement to the track. Delay can create…

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The Four-Dimensional Record Producer

3 Essential Plugins That Didn’t Come With Your Daw

You can lock me in a room with a band, my rig, and stock plugins. I really wouldn’t mind at first. (It would be almost exactly the same a my current life) The stock plugin packages that come with DAW systems have been getting better. So much better that I use them instead of plugins…

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studio buy guide

The Ultimate Recording Studio Buying Guide For Producers On A Budget

The big multi-million dollar studios are slowly going the way of the dinosaur. That’s fantastic news for anyone entering music production. We’re now living in an age where minimalists get fat, and gear-heads get slaughtered. So today’s recording studios need to buy efficiently. I’ve seen a lot of buying guides out there for recording studios,…

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The Four-Dimensional Record Producer

The Mix Bus A-B Technique (Video)

Having a mix bus lets you apply plugins to your entire mix without applying it to any sample mixes. This allows you to use the A B technique. A sample mix can be placed inside of your DAW that skips the mix bus and goes directly to your speakers. This keeps the sample mix true.…

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