Alternate Jobs to Consider for Record Producers

Is your life as a Record Producer getting dull? Feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied, unhappy? Of course not! Being a music producer is awesome. It’s quite possibly the best job there is. Other than ice cream taster. Or lego player wither. But alas, they’ll probably never respond to the 6,000 messages you sent them. So get back to the music! And when you do, remember, you do so much more than just produce. Let’s take a look at what other jobs record producers would be great at:


Record producers are always teaching. Our artists are our students and we’re constantly feeding them knowledge. We teach about the circle of fifths, proper singing techniques, why we’re cutting out certain frequencies, and so much more. Something that comes naturally to us is eye opening for our bands. So we share what we know because that’s the right thing to do. It’s in our nature.


As with any good teacher, we also need to hone our babysitting skills. A ton of bands will goof around and get off track during a session. And though we like to have fun, we still need to be on top of things. If we only have 6 days to track an EP, we need to make sure the whole operation runs smoothly. That means keeping everyone focused, and making sure nobody cries.


We play the part of the psychologist a lot more than you’d think. It’s amazing how many people will open up when they’re recording. Maybe it’s the environment of pouring emotion into the music, but it really gets the feels flowing. Singer/songwriters divulge their innermost secrets about why they wrote a particular lyric and you’ll be shocked at some of the stories you hear. You just need to be there and be a good listener. Give them encouragement/support when they need it, and hopefully when you’re done you won’t need a psychologist yourself.


As a record producer, you’ll learn it’s about more than just the music. Business decisions need to be made. You’ll need to maintain your equipment, handle your finances, and upkeep the calendar. You’re in charge of your own bills, so you’ll want to know how to best handle your overhead and workflow. But the benefit is that you don’t need to wear a suit. Unless you want to. Then do it.


Guitar leads aren’t the only leads record producers should concern themselves with. You’re going to need to up your negotiating skills if you want to make it in this business. You need to be able to close a deal in order to make that money, so brush up on your sales chops and be prepared for a lot of persuasive chit chat. Have confidence, and don’t sell yourself short.


Bands won’t clean up after themselves. They just won’t. You’ll need to scrub toilets, take out garbages, clean up wrappers and vacuum the floor. Keep your studio tidy and you’ll have a much nicer work environment. The cleaner, the better.

The morale of this story is don’t quit your day job. Because your day job is like, at least 10 jobs. Nothing beats being a record producer, and I personally wouldn’t change it for the world. I love going into work and knowing I need to have such a vast skill set to make it through the day. It keeps things exciting and fresh. I’m grateful music production is a thing. Otherwise I don’t know what I’d do. I guess I could always take up blogging… Anyway, thanks for reading. Please feel free to share our content and take advantage of our entirely free site. Peace and rock on.


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